I’ve looked on line to find the Pennsylvania State Budget. It’s not very easy to find. I’ve also looked for what’s been  spent and that’s di

fficult to find too.   We send our tax dollars to Harrisburg but can’t easily see how those tax dollars are budgeted or spent.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Pennsylvanians need a website that shows us the current approved budget by line item and the expenditures made against those line items in an easy to use format… this can be in nearly real time.  The technology is available and of course they have the numbers in Harrisburg.

We need to have the ability to easily see the budget and where the money is being spent.  A website like this will make elected representatives more accountable to their constituents and will enable taxpayers to help root out waste, fraud, and abuse.

Ohio has a website that does this for their state. It can be done!