Jessup Power Plant

I had the opportunity to tour this power generation facility in January 2018 as part of a group of first responders. It is an impressive machine and quite a large installation.  It is highly automated and has many sensors throughout the facility to monitor operational parameters.  As this plant comes on line, we need to be sure it operates within the permitted emission limits and that safety measures are in place and followed to protect the workers and those living near by.

I’ve never like the idea of building this power plant so close to the resident population and I have opposed it from the start.  Studies from major universities indicate that a plant of this nature causes a reduction of property value of nearby properties by 3% to 7%. These studies were submitted to local officials but the issue has never been resolved.  Once it is operational, plant will emit toxic waste into our atmosphere where there were no emissions before. The company line – that this plant will reduce air pollution – may be true on a statewide or global basis, but locally we will have increased toxic emissions into the atmosphere. This is a fact.

This plant would have been terrific if it was built in a more remote area, far from baseball fields and homes.  The tradeoff for our area is that we get 30 to 40 permanent jobs, according to the operator.  Our local communities and State get no tax revenue from this  facility because it was built in a tax free zone (local taxes) and the operator is set up as a Delaware Corporation, thus avoiding paying Pennsylvania state income tax.

Yes, there is a “host agreement” but the agreement for this plant is much less beneficial to local communities as are host agreements for smaller plants operated by the same company.

This could have been done differently. It SHOULD have been done differently.

We deserve better!